Single mom needs the help of professional cleaning crew

I like to manage all tasks my way and on my own. As a single mom with three children, it’s important that I am organized and productive with my time. I have a full time career, a large house with a big yard and two dogs. Now and then, I have to admit that I need some help. It became apparent to me that hiring a maid service was a good idea. My house was looking very neglected. My kids are pretty good about picking up their toys and helping with the dog, but there was no keeping up with the dusting, vacuuming, moping, laundry and all the rest. When I manage to get some free time, the last thing I want to do is grab a broom or a scrub brush. I need time to relax. I look forward to reading a story to my kids, playing a board game or throwing a ball in the backyard. There is no time leftover for cleaning behind the refrigerator or under the beds. I wasn’t washing windows or shampooing carpets. I had cobwebs in the corners, mold growth in the tub and fingerprints on nearly every surface. I finally called a professional cleaning company with the idea that I’d just use them once or twice. However, having the house professionally cleaned was such a help that I decided to sign a year-long contract. I no longer cringe when I arrive home from work and step inside. I am no longer stressed and in a rush all weekend long. I am not embarrassed when someone stops by the house. I don’t worry about the kids crawling around on the floors. The professional cleaning service has greatly improved my quality of life.


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Professional cleaning needed

I’m so appreciative that my wife and I were able to open our own antique shop a couple years ago.

It’s something we wanted to do for years.

We both have full time jobs as well. In our free time, we’ve always liked to browse flea markets and estate sales. This led to us having too many treasures. We eventually started to sell online. The plan of opening a little shop came about organically. We didn’t realize how much work it would be. We eventually had to hire a commercial cleaning crew to keep up with appearance and maintenance. Initially, we tried to do most of the easy janitorial services ourselves. Emptying the waste baskets, dusting, cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming was no big deal. However, we were getting stretched thin. Between our regular jobs and hours at the shop, there was no extra time. The shop is good sized. The floors are a combination of carpet and hardwood. The weather in our area means that foot traffic tracks in mud, slush and rock salt. Floor cleaning is constant. We would mop and the floors would look dirty. They tended to get scuffed up and appear dingy. I rented a commercial cleaner and tackled the floors myself. This was a waste of time and energy. I finally realized that we needed to hire a cleaning company to come in on a weekly basis. We couldn’t keep up with the necessary cleaning and lacked the knowledge and tools to do it properly..

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Looking for the perfect artisan loft for my business

Being an artist is something that is almost expected in my family.

Coming from a long line of musicians, designers and artists of some sort, it’s incredibly odd when a relative doesn’t follow in the family footsteps in the art industry one way or another.

I guess I am like the rest of my family, because as soon as I knew what a paintbrush could do, I could never get enough of it. I was originally fascinated with fantasy and abstract art, but as I grew older, I started finding more of an interest in creating realistic portraits. The more realistic the better. My first years attempting realism ended in frustration, as it was turning out to be much harder than I first thought. Once I graduated high school, my skills were at their peak. However, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do career wise. I talked it over with my parents, and they suggested that I become an online artist and take commissions. I thought this was a really great idea, but I wanted to take it a step further, and get my own artisan loft. My parents agreed to look for an artisan loft for rent for me, and help me pay for it. There were several different office spaces for rent, and we eventually found the perfect shop space for rent. My parents told me that I should try consulting with a business incubator for help uplifting my business, and I decided I am going to take their advice.

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New roommate doesn’t care that energy bill is too high

The older I get, the more I recognize that adult human relationships are almost entirely based on their finances. I’ve only just noticed – if you want a successful relationship with someone, you need to have some uncomfortable talks about the managing of money. This is accurate even for platonic roommate situations. Every one of us all think by now, living with people is hard work to keep up. This financial cooperation issue always comes up for myself and others when I start considering monthly bills, budgeting, plus cooperating financially with a roommate. It’s best to get all of the heating, cooling, plus air quality control arguments out of the way ASAP. This is why I had tried to sit down plus talk about the control component as it relates to the regular energy bill with my roommate recently. This is something that I knew we needed to discuss, even though I put it off. Ever since then, I’ve been paying for my heating plus cooling program out the nose. The problem is, we only have an old central indoor air temperature control system, so we have to agree on air temperature plus air quality when using this centralized HVAC system. Too bad, we clearly have greatly differing levels of responsibility when it comes to the control component settings, HVAC equipment, and of course the heating, cooling, plus air quality maintenance appointments. I accidentally signed a new lease with someone who does not appreciate finances or sensible budgeting, let alone keeping up with the HVAC equipment. Energy costs don’t bother her, so we can’t talk about the heating plus cooling program utilization. I can’t even talk about the air quality topic without a fight. As a result, we consistently have heating plus cooling programs breaking down plus ever-decreasing high energy bills. I wish I could move, but the electric bill stops myself and others from having any spare money.


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Don’t hire a hobbyist as an HVAC worker

The guy broke my aged boiler in a way that I didn’t consider possible.

Growing up, my entire childhood was spent in a financially scarce household, which has made myself and others super precarious about the status of my cash flow. I am always doing my dead best to gain extra bucks, plus to do so, I take on all sorts of random tasks. I don’t appreciate paying plus I get extremely resourceful whenever I have a large expense coming up. This is why I have stupidly hired shoddy, unqualified workers for some of my household appliances plus car repairs. The worst mistake I ever made was hiring a fake heating, cooling, plus air quality control worker last year .This person really pulled a fast one on myself and others with the HVAC talk, when in reality they had no certification to gain them this heating plus A/C repair task. In fact, I didn’t find out until much later that they were a hobbyist heating plus cooling worker. And in this way, I truly boned myself by hiring some cheap heating, cooling, plus ventilation iPhoney. Of course, I was shocked by the low price tag for his services, even though I would be a lot more amazed after he took off. The guy broke my aged boiler in a way that I didn’t consider possible. I asked to call his work boss for a heating program upgradement, plus that’s when I finally acquired that he was only interested in HVAC, he had never been formally trained. The guy inspected heating plus cooling devices during his spare time to gain an extra buck. This experience finally proved, you want to hire a competent, highly trained professional to work on your appliances, all the way down to indoor air handling system.


Don’t hire a hobbyist as an HVAC worker

So is this “smart” control component broken, or the internet?

I don’t get why so many people want to build technology on top of modern technology.

It feels to me that we live under too many layers of gadgets that all feed into each other, but rarely work and we’d appreciate them to.

Whenever you have problems with one device, you can never figure out where to begin your complication-solving because everything is operating together on the basis of the internet today; Can we all just go back to analog devices for a while plus see what humans are still capable of living on our own? Unfortunately, this gadget on gadget lifestyle has recently been my personal downfall, too. A few weeks ago I called the local heating, cooling, plus air quality control dealership where I thought I made a large improvement in my heating, cooling, plus ventilation system. I arranged for a new smart temperature control machine installation, so I could completely control my indoor heating, cooling, plus ventilation program from anywhere. My aged and weathered central heating plus cooling control program was a basic control component that didn’t allow for the programming of indoor rapidly decreasing temperatures. I hated that my monthly energy bills were always so unusually high from the indoor air temperature control program running 24 hours a day at one set temperature. I wanted to be able to turn off my indoor air temperature controls when no one was around to save on money. But this modern, allegedly “smart” machine has not been impressive. The smart control component never stays linked to the Wi-Fi so I can use it. No matter how many times I link my control component to my internet plus my iPhone to access my control unit, it doesn’t stay online for more than a few minutes. I can’t adjust the HVAC settings plus my control component has a life of its own. I’m not sure if I should complain to the internet supplier or my HVAC provider.

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Done with conventional, switching over to radiant heat

As a recently married man, you think that I wanted to provide for my spouse as soon as I could afford to provide her a house worthy of her.

  • I didn’t want to keep renting plus living in squalor anymore.

So, after our marriage vows were legal, my new lady plus I got right down to finding a perfect house. First off, we had to make some large choices about location plus amenities. I truly wanted to be located in a small, close-knit city with a modern home that we adjusted with age. My lady was mostly concerned with the air quality. She wanted our family to breathe the most healthy indoor air quality, plus to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape. But, also, we also wanted to avoid inefficiently working HVAC systems after awful experiences in the past. All of our prior homes had low quality indoor air temperature controls in the properties. Every one of us both always had an irresponsible landlord to contact if anything ever went wrong with the heating, cooling, plus air quality control devices. Of course, landlords sure don’t upgrade any of the appliances to modern standards unless it’s completely necessary. When we got our dream home, though, we really needed to make some HVAC adjustments, rather than getting the standard forced air furnace, we got a house with radiant floors. This heated floor HVAC program allows us to warm up the entire home with much lower energy expenses plus much higher quality indoor air. It feels spectacular to have efficient heating, plus to recognize appreciate that the HVAC will not break down. Every one of us just have the best form of heating on the HVAC market, so there is nothing else to worry about. It feels so nice to warm our house plus sleep easily.

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My friend will tell myself and others what machine to get

Tom knows when I need heating, cooling, plus air quality equipment maintenance before I do.

I didn’t grow up with any kind of a supportive family. As a result, I recognize how I have been permanently stunted and am looking for fake parents wherever I can find them. I just want to be shown how life works, just for once. That’s why I’m cheerful that my friend Tom is one of the coolest adults I’ve ever met. Tom has truly taught myself and others a lot plus taken myself and others under his wing in a few different ways over the last 5 years. Now, honestly, I’m not actually responsible plus I don’t think how household appliances work. Meanwhile, my dear aged heating, cooling, plus air quality machine supplier friend Tom is basically holding everything together for myself and others, mostly with my HVAC system. Tom has been most helpful in every air quality control renovation I’ve made since I have moved into the house. When I first moved in, Tom came over to check out the heating plus cooling system, plus I was blown away by his HVAC care. Personally, I never think the first thing about Indoor air temperature control systems. I can tell you that I’ve never had the routine HVAC maintenance work done without it being an emergency. I never even performed my own routine air filter fluctuations. No one bothered to teach myself and others about servicing a furnace or A/C system… until my friend Tom showed up. Tom knows when I need heating, cooling, plus air quality equipment maintenance before I do. Tom watches over my HVAC devices. And he even helps myself and others to select modern heating, cooling, plus air quality control solutions when it’s necessary to make upgrades. I thought it was a miracle when I finally got amazing air quality with upgraded HVAC equipment, but it was my HVAC supplier neighbor Tom, telling myself and others what to do for the best results.

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Going to impress my spouse with my HVAC skills

When I first met my spouse Dot I fell head over heels for her. There was no lapse between meeting her plus wanting to make her my wife. I just knew that she was the one for myself and others plus we were the perfect match. The thing is, Dot was not so sure. Dot isn’t easily impressed, to say that least, which is something that I must contend with to this day. I’m always going out of my way to try to impress Dot, even though we tied the knot at least 15 years ago. One of the things I eventually noticed I could do to blow Dot away was repair all our air quality control at the house. Dot was a large fan of the control unit, but our aged heating, cooling, plus air quality control equipment needed lots of professional attention from time to time. It was costing a whole lot of money to call professional heating, cooling, plus ventilation workers plus it stressed out Dot. That’s why I couldn’t sign up fast enough when the local heating, cooling, plus ventilation school began offering some indoor air temperature control equipment repair, installation, plus maintenance courses to the general public on weeknights. One day I acquired a iPhone call explaining some of the modern heating plus cooling repair courses they offered plus I was elated. I signed right up to join the full set of heating, cooling, plus ventilation repair courses. I figured, why wouldn’t Dot want someone to think about indoor air temperature control systems for our house? I could save us a whole lot of money on professional heating plus cooling tasks plus I could make Dot comfortable. Wouldn’t you know… she would still rather call a professional heating plus cooling tech.



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Less drama and less people touching the control unit

My life has been so quiet plus really controllable since I stopped really working in the same building as so many other humans, then getting away from my coworkers was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I think.

I have been quite happy with staying at my house to do all of my work projects for almost a year.

And it’s the best work setup I’ve ever had. I never appreciated driving to a stuffy, warm office building every day for work I could really do from my own desk, and please don’t even get myself and others talking about the inefficiently wasted time plus energy every single day. It was always so expensive resting with my A/C program blasting in the traffic and gridlock for minutes. After that, I would arrive at the office plus battle air rapidly decreasing temps… plus coworkers… all day long. I am sure you have seen before that having one central control components for multiple people means way too many indoor air temperature control fluctuations take precedence. There was a lot of drama. The entire office could never agree on a single temperature for the entire central heating, cooling, plus ventilation machine that was installed for our various air quality needs. All my coworkers engaged in weekly fights about the stupid A/C program or a stupid heating unit. They truly wasted our time each day staring at the control components plus calling profesional HVAC companies for emergency repairs. It was tearing the office to pieces! My productivity was much lower at the office thanks to all the upset. But since we all began to work from home, everything is different. I have been so comfortable with my HVAC settings plus quiet environment. Finally, I can set my own control component to my personal temperature and custom control preferences plus no one is yelling about it.

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