It was all afternoon in the heat

My car broke down the other month without any warning and I had to take it to the local service garage.

Of course, it made me very hot headed.

Both the motor and the central HVAC had took a dive out of the blue. So I ended up being stuck in this service garage for over 6 hours waiting. And it was possibly the most horrible experience I ever had to live through in my adult life! Not because they did a bad task on the car service or anything such as that, they were absolutely easily enjoyable and well worth the money. I simply had to spend our money to get our car repaired and it was done perfectly. But it was the indoor air conditions in this small local service garage! It was love they didn’t have any air flow available in there and there was no air conditioning. It was rather sizzling out that day, so this didn’t help not having any air conditioning and air flow… and in a place where there are all kinds of toxins and bad things linger in the air. If you want our opinion, this place was so bad with the most terrible indoor air conditions that even a huge whole home air purification proposal entirely would not have been able to service the particularly bad air quality there! I just wanted to get home to our high quality air conditioning and our duct mounted whole home UV air purification proposal that I have for the entire appointment. Good air quality and perfect indoor comfort was exactly what I needed after half the day in that service garage!

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We’re set for life with filters

I was shopping at our local dollar outlet the other long weekend and I could not believe what I found there! They had HEPA air filters in this simple dollar outlet! This was not something I ever would have expected.

Because, as you know, HEPA air filters are the top of the line when it comes to air filters for any sort of central heating and air conditioners plus whole home air cleaners – I mean, who would have thought that you would find HEPA air filters in a little dollar store! It must have been some overstock from some massive heat and air conditioner corporation factory and they sold them to the dollar outlet.

That is our only guess. But I’m happy they had these exclusive packs of the HEPA air filters which had 4 HEPA filters in them for 3 bucks each! Four HEPA air filters at the correct store and price would be way more than that. So clearly this was a steal I could not pass up! I ended up buying a few of these 4 buck packs of HEPA air filters so I was well stocked up for a while. I can tell you, I’m so happy because I have a new central HVAC proposal that I invested in a little less than a year ago, and as long as they have HEPA filters, I will keep buying!



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We help, not hurt, each other

I am a certified HVAC specialist who just so happens to work for 1 Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business.

And our good friend is also a certified HVAC specialist, and he happens to work for 1 of the rival Heating, Ventilation plus A/C companies in this small town. The two of us both believe it’s kind of funny that we are best buddies outside of work and should be against each other all the time because of this. But, like you’d expect, we don’t prefer the heating and cooling businesses. To us, it is just a task to survive and responsibly support our families. And if 1 of the HVAC companies was to go right under because the other took all the business, 1 of us would be able to find another massive heat and air conditioner corporation to task for really with our HVAC certifications. The two of us even give each other helpful massively Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tips all the time. If we find a plan of HVAC service on our own that can save time or make things go smoother, we will always share it with each other. If the heat and air conditioner companies knew we were consistently doing this they would entirely fire each of us! But they don’t even guess that they regularly have Heating, Ventilation plus A/C workers that have best buddies in the rival business models. The HVAC corporation world is such a joke if you ask me. But again, it’s a solid living and a steady way to support ourselves and our family. That’s just the way of the world!



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I needed to take notes

I was so thrilled to have finally got myself a smart thermostat to easily operate our central heating and air conditioner.

I had certainly been meaning to do it for a while, however I honestly was just too lazy to go to the store and buy a smart thermostat.

I admittedly was also too lazy to instal and set up the smart thermostat myself; So, of course, I called the local HVAC corporation to send 1 of their heat and air conditioner specialists right out to do the replacement and set up of the smart thermostat. I didn’t personally mind paying for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair as it saved myself and others a ton of time and headache, however, the HVAC specialist had ran myself and others through the difficult basics of how to operate the smart thermostat on our cell iphone, home computer and even PC. The HVAC specialist also ran myself and others through how exactly to use the programmable thermostat aspect of it; And would you believe it that after our conversation I forgot everything he told me? I was able to operate the smart thermostat properly from all of our devices that had the app, although I could not remember how exactly to manually program the smart thermostat either by hand or even on the app! I did not want to call the HVAC corporation… but man oh man let myself and others tell you that it was taxing to find the online instructions for the model and brand of smart thermostat that I had.

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Can you take my money?

Don’t you hate the way things are this week? I guess I do! Especially when it comes down to all this computer stuff and cell iphone stuff, and I know I may be showing our age, however it seems no 1 this month wants the option of human touch on anything and they make life so much more complicated than it has to be in the crosshairs. Like the other month I had the local HVAC corporation come to the property to give our central heat and air conditioner proposal an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tune up that was well overdue; When it was done I was expecting to either spend our money by usual credit card or debit card! But no, this heating and cooling specialist said I had to go online and spend our money with some app on a cell iphone. This thing was the most unnecessarily complex and hard thing to use just to spend our money a bill! I mean, was the point in all of that? Why couldn’t this guy just take credit or debit cards just the way they did before? All I guess is I will not be using this HVAC corporation ever in my life after this! There are other heating and cooling companies in the section of the country that have not fallen into this current millennial trap. Those are the traditional HVAC companies that will get our corporation moving forward. It’s not just the local HVAC corporation either. I am starting to notice a lot of businesses that are not located in physical buildings are not giving you the option to spend our money like a normal human being!


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The fireplace is an important part of the HVAC system.

I don’t know if anyone has ever thought about their fireplace as being a part of their HvAC system.

  • I know there are a lot of people who have fireplaces.

Mostly they use it for the romance of the scenery. Have you ever really looked at it as being a major source of heat. Unless you live in an area where you have long, and extreme winters, you probably think I’m crazy. We have a lot of wind and blizzard-like conditions. More often than I choose to admit, we have gone without electricity several days and even as much as two weeks. When the electricity goes out, I am thrilled to know that I have my fireplace to give us heat. I have a fresh stack of wood on my porch, ready to be used. I make sure I always have dry wood close by so I don’t need to go out into the cold and weather. When I have my furnace maintenance done, I know it is time to also have my fireplace maintained. I have a professional fireplace man come in and check out the fire brick, the hearth, and clean the chimney. There is nothing better than knowing my HVAC system is going to run efficiently and safely, when I need it. My fireplace, being a part of the HVAC system, is included in the maintenance, every year. I don’t want my family to ever go without heat, whether or not there is electricity to keep the furnace running. For me it is keeping my family warm and safe, but for you, it may be ambience. You want your fireplace to be working safely.



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We bought a new home and needed to update an HVAC system.

Once our kids were grown and out of the house, we realized our home was too big for us.

We really wanted to finally be able to build our dream home. We got all of the plans for our home and we were already getting ready to break ground when we talked to a realtor. We wanted to get our current home sold so we could pay for the new home. I have to admit that I was really surprised by what the realtor had to say. Our home was in good condition, but not the HVAC system. We had recently had a new roof put on the house and the landscaping was well taken care of. We knew we needed a new HVAC system, but we hoped the new owners would be willing to put it in. When we found out that the HVAC system could actually stop us from selling the house, I was in shock. They said that most people buying houses, no longer wanted to have to put such an expense into a house after paying for it. We would also be able to get more than double the cost of the HVAC system, as part of our selling price. This piqued my interest and I agreed to have the new HVAC system installed. You have no idea how surprised and pleased I was when our home was on the market for less than a month before it was sold. We got more than four times the amount we had to put into the HVAC system, over what we had originally thought we could get for the house.

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I had no problems with my radiant heat.

I was talking to a friend of mine and he was telling me how his having radiant heated flooring had ruined his marriage.

  • He said the heating was so bad that his wife was always getting sick.

I guess she had given him a choice of putting in another heating system, or she was moving out. Radiant heated flooring is very expensive. To just be able to rip it out and install a different heating system, can also be very expensive. I told him that he should call someone and get an opinion of the problem. He said he called the HVAC company who had installed the radiant heating. They were there three times, charged him exorbitant fees, and they still didn’t have it working properly. I shook my head, since I had radiant heated flooring for several years now. I hadn’t had a single problem with my heating. I loved the heat that we received. It was even and very comfortable. I had a professional HVAC technician who was well-versed in radiant heated flooring. He had a lot of experience in how to install and repair radiant heating. I refused to just have any HvAC company come in and do the work. Had I done this, I would have probably be having the same problems my friend is having. I am really glad I had the radiant heated flooring installed. My energy bills are more manageable and I have better heating. I wish my friend had talked to me before he made the decision to also have it installed. I would have given him the name of the HVAC company I used.



Cooling technology

The portable AC wasn’t doing it’s job.

I often wondered if a portable AC unit wouldn’t be better than the window air conditioning units that I now used.

My husband and I often tried to figure out cheaper ways to get air conditioning for our home.

I hated not having central air conditioning. When our air conditioning unit quit working, I suddenly realized our energy bills dropped in half. I couldn’t justify putting out the amount of money it would cost to have a new air conditioning unit installed. I couldn’t justify having the added cost of the energy bills just for some comfort for a couple months. We have a very short summer in our area, but it can be very humid. With some humidity control and a window AC unit, or a portable air conditioner, we thought we should still be comfortable. We decided against having a new central air conditioning unit installed. We tried the window air conditioner, but it could only be used in the room we had it installed. The window AC unit was way too cumbersome to move from room to room. We bought a portable air conditioner that was supposed to be highly efficient and quiet. The portable AC unit worked well, but it was far from being quiet. It was so loud when the fan was blowing, that neither my husband nor I were able to sleep. We took the AC unit back to the store. The store gave us a new unit and told us that if this AC unit wasn’t quiet, we could get our money back. The new one worked really well and we slept all night long.


The ceiling fans need to be cleaned.

There are many things that can destroy the air quality in your home. I knew that if I didn’t have the air vents cleaned, or the ductwork cleaned and sanitized, my air quality is compromised. One of things that I look at every day, never crossed my mind as being an offender of causing poor air quality. Even with a whole home air purification system, my air quality was diminishing. I found out the hard way, that my ceiling fans are a real deterrent to my air quality. I was looking at the white fan blade and seeing dark streaks all over it. I was disgusted to see so much filth. The only reason I saw the dirt, was because I had accidentally hit the off switch to the fan, instead of to the light. I looked up at the drop cord that held the ceiling fan in place and it was covered in dirt and dust. I decided it was time to clean the ceiling fan drop cord and blades. When I got up there, I was disgusted by the dirty, greasy odor that was coming from the filth. I also realized that every time I turned my fan on, that filth was getting into my air and destroying my air quality. No matter how well my air purification system worked, I was making it work harder by not keeping my ceiling fans clean. I was so disgusted that I went through my house and cleaned every ceiling fan. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a job. Instead of complaining about my air quality, I hired a professional to clean the ceiling fans


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