Friends visiting from out of town

Last week, I was happy to be able to have some friends over from out of state to visit my home.

I haven’t seen them since we all graduated from high school and went our separate ways.

We all went to different colleges and all of us just didn’t manage to keep in touch. Now at this special occasion where several of our old buddies were able to come back out to our town, I unquestionably invited them to come. I was the only one who decided to stay in our town and they missed it here. We decided to go out to eat at one of the last sitting eateries from back in the day. Everything else was new, but this old Dad and Pop shop was the best. I think the only thing new about the place was the upgrade to their HVAC system which was very noticeable. The air quality improved tremendously too, I think because they installed an air cleaner in the venue. So we ate and reminisced about the old times, and when we went back to my house though, I was very embarrassed. It was hot in our house and I instantly went to look at the thermostat. I couldn’t believe it was 83 degrees inside and I couldn’t get the air conditioning system to work… Luckily, one of my friends said she went to a trade school to get her HVAC certification… She said she got certified although she never ended up working for any companies, she just did some contract work here and there. She was able to find out the problem, which was a coolant leak, but because she was certified, she was able to get the right coolant and refill our air conditioner system. It was working perfectly after that!