I found out that the HVAC tech was a thief

The HVAC company that my husband and I use, has been working with us for the past ten years.

You can’t imagine how we felt when we realized that they were stealing from us. To be honest, it wasn’t the HvAC company that was stealing from us, but the HVAC tech who had been coming to our home for the last two years. I couldn’t believe that we had allowed him to dupe us for two full years. We knew that something was wrong when he began to do repairs to the furnace more often and he always told us there was more work that needed to be done. Whenever he did a furnace or air conditioning service, he would tell us what we needed to have repaired if we wanted to keep the system running for the entire year. Lately, he had been giving us lists of parts that had to be changed out. He even put the prices to the list for us so we could decide if we wanted the work done. We waited for the HvAC company to call with our quote, but we were now only dealing with the HvAC technician. I finally had enough and I called the HvAC company. The woman who answered the phone, told us that we had to call back later, but I demanded to talk to the HvAC company owner. When he got on the phone, I told him about the HvAC technician. He told me that this man had not worked for him for well over a year. We have now spent several thousand dollars and we have no recourse because no one knows where this man lives.

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