My friend consistently gets extreme sunburns and it’s a drag on everybody

I have a friend who gets sunburned absolutely easily! This is why I am never too enthusiastic when he wants to come to the beach with me, i consistently tell him to wear a ton of sunblock with a high SPF, but he never listens or he gets the wrong sunblock that is not strong enough for his complexion.

It seems care about every single time the people I was with and I spend most of the afternoon at the beach, he is burned to a crisp and I end up having to help him, then we will consistently go back to my site while I have my air conditioner system cranked up to the max.

I absolutely have a absolutely great Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system with a smart thermostat, so I don’t necessarily mind using my air conditioner to help my friend out, and by the time the people I was with and I get to the household, it feels ice-cold and it’s beautiful after a long afternoon at the beach. I just wish my friend wasn’t so stupid all the time with his total lack of sunshine protection. There was even a time when he put on plenty of sunscreen, however then he got into the water instantly and the sunscreen washed off! Sporadically I even have to call up other friends to come over and help him with the pain. They come over with drinks, aloe vera lotion, and motion pictures for all of us to watch. It’s great hanging out with the crew, however my friend acts care about a total baby care about he wants to cry because of his sunburns. Well, it’s his own fault, and all I can do his crank up the air conditioner and site him in front of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents to help him out. That helps a great deal, but I still wish he would stop moaning from the pain.


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