No one who knows them would use their HVAC company.

I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to use the local HvAC company.

They have been caught doing some pretty underhanded things.

We found out that they don’t have a single HVAC technician that has a valid certification in HVAC. The only person who has a certification is the company owner. For quite a while now, they have been ripping people off in many ways. I heard that their technicians were installing used furnaces and air conditioning, when someone had to have theirs replaced. They were taking parts that were to be thrown away and putting them into other people’s HVAC system. They would come in to make repairs and they would end up staying there for hours. This meant that since they worked by the hour, every hour was more money for them. These people were making so much money with their underhanded dealings, that everyone in town was angry. They lost nearly all of their clientele. The only people they are able to get as customers, are people who are just moving into the area. They offer low cost first-time visits and that hooks these people. I feel sorry for those who are pulled in like a fish on a line. I just wish they would think to check out the reputation of an HvAC company before actually signing on with them.

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