Personal problems shouldn’t come to work with you.

As in every profession, you never bring your personal problems to work with you. When you are an HVAC professional, this is especially true. You work inside the customer’s home most of the time. You are either in their basement working on the furnace, or in a closet working on an air conditioning unit. More often than not, you have the client standing there watching you work on their HVAC equipment and even offering to help. Our company hired a new HVAc technician awhile ago. He was really good at his job, but it was obvious that he was having a lot of personal problems. He told everyone how his wife had walked and taken his children. He said she robbed him blind. He was always on the telephone or texting, even when he was on the job. I tried to tell him that he was going to lose his job if he didn’t stop his current behavior, but he said I didn’t understand. The boss was getting a lot of phone calls about his behavior and he asked me to tag along on his next HvAC job. He was on the phone the one time when a customer asked him a question. He was so upset over being bothered that he told the man to go back upstairs where he belonged. When I told the boss about this, he was fired. The boss told him that when he was able to work professionally again, he would have a HVAC job with us. I hated doing this to him, but he should have known that when you have trouble at home, it needs to stay at home.



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