No more agonizing about air filter changes with HVAC service plan

I had to actually run to the store to pick up a dry erase marker board the other afternoon because of how forgetful I’ve become lately.

I have resisted the thought of writing myself lists and kept insisting to myself that they would not help in the slightest.

If anything, seeing a list would completely stress me out until I was able to repair everything. All of this easily melted away after I got a really nice whiteboard and hung it up in my office in the residence. It is now my saving grace with getting everything in my life handled on a week by week basis. I put all of my crucial work projects up there, as well as any errands I need to get to, chores I need to have finished, or necessary repair around the residence. For the longest duration of time, I was writing the dates of our Heating and Air Conditioning machine filter changes so that I could update them on time regularly. This was absolutely working for a certain amount of time, however after that I considered getting an actual repair contract with our heating and cooling machine dealer. Not only would the yearly fee cover all of the service visits throughout the course of 12 months, however it would also include the necessary air filter changes. That meant no longer paying $15 every time I needed current air filters. I could also remove this chore and store errands from the new white board, leaving plenty of room for other necessary things I need to do around the residence. It’s also severely comforting knowing that our Heating and Air Conditioning machine is getting official inspections in case there are ever complications in the future. It’s pretty much like monitoring for cancer officially and catching it when it shows up. I’m no longer fretting for weeks on end if there could be some major complication with our cooling machine or oil furnace.

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