Please Don’t answer, however I’m coming for the A/C unit

Occasionally people will try to make everything way more strenuous than it needs to be. This is definitely the case for me right now, as I attempt to end a romantic relationship as well as transfer on with the rest of our life. Of course, our ex won’t just make things simple so the two of us can efficiently transfer forward. In fact, he is refusing to respond to our messages at all. This means, the two of us haven’t had any permanent resolution to this relationship as well as the two of us haven’t been able to exchange our personal effects back with each other, normally this would not be a big deal, however he has our a/c. There is honestly no real way I will be abandoning our window A/C component when I abandon the relationship. In fact, I’ve owned that little cooling system for 10 times as long as I dated this clown. I bought the little window A/C component back in college when I lived in a terribly old condo building. The rundown residence had almost no air conditioner inside. There was supposed to be a central cooling system, however it never worked when I lived there. Every single day was brutally hot as well as humid, as well as our mornings were spent sleeplessly covered in deep sweat. At that point, I collected together all of our savings as well as bought a tiny A/C window unit. Since that day, I’ve taken our cooling component with myself and others everywhere I’ve lived. Even including the single month that I lived with our ex. If he does not want to return our phone messages or have our final conversation, that’s fine. But I will certainly be coming to get our air conditioner unit.

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