I had no problems with my radiant heat.

I was talking to a friend of mine and he was telling me how his having radiant heated flooring had ruined his marriage.

  • He said the heating was so bad that his wife was always getting sick.

I guess she had given him a choice of putting in another heating system, or she was moving out. Radiant heated flooring is very expensive. To just be able to rip it out and install a different heating system, can also be very expensive. I told him that he should call someone and get an opinion of the problem. He said he called the HVAC company who had installed the radiant heating. They were there three times, charged him exorbitant fees, and they still didn’t have it working properly. I shook my head, since I had radiant heated flooring for several years now. I hadn’t had a single problem with my heating. I loved the heat that we received. It was even and very comfortable. I had a professional HVAC technician who was well-versed in radiant heated flooring. He had a lot of experience in how to install and repair radiant heating. I refused to just have any HvAC company come in and do the work. Had I done this, I would have probably be having the same problems my friend is having. I am really glad I had the radiant heated flooring installed. My energy bills are more manageable and I have better heating. I wish my friend had talked to me before he made the decision to also have it installed. I would have given him the name of the HVAC company I used.



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