I needed to take notes

I was so thrilled to have finally got myself a smart thermostat to easily operate our central heating and air conditioner.

I had certainly been meaning to do it for a while, however I honestly was just too lazy to go to the store and buy a smart thermostat.

I admittedly was also too lazy to instal and set up the smart thermostat myself; So, of course, I called the local HVAC corporation to send 1 of their heat and air conditioner specialists right out to do the replacement and set up of the smart thermostat. I didn’t personally mind paying for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair as it saved myself and others a ton of time and headache, however, the HVAC specialist had ran myself and others through the difficult basics of how to operate the smart thermostat on our cell iphone, home computer and even PC. The HVAC specialist also ran myself and others through how exactly to use the programmable thermostat aspect of it; And would you believe it that after our conversation I forgot everything he told me? I was able to operate the smart thermostat properly from all of our devices that had the app, although I could not remember how exactly to manually program the smart thermostat either by hand or even on the app! I did not want to call the HVAC corporation… but man oh man let myself and others tell you that it was taxing to find the online instructions for the model and brand of smart thermostat that I had.

Dial thermostat