The ceiling fans need to be cleaned.

There are many things that can destroy the air quality in your home. I knew that if I didn’t have the air vents cleaned, or the ductwork cleaned and sanitized, my air quality is compromised. One of things that I look at every day, never crossed my mind as being an offender of causing poor air quality. Even with a whole home air purification system, my air quality was diminishing. I found out the hard way, that my ceiling fans are a real deterrent to my air quality. I was looking at the white fan blade and seeing dark streaks all over it. I was disgusted to see so much filth. The only reason I saw the dirt, was because I had accidentally hit the off switch to the fan, instead of to the light. I looked up at the drop cord that held the ceiling fan in place and it was covered in dirt and dust. I decided it was time to clean the ceiling fan drop cord and blades. When I got up there, I was disgusted by the dirty, greasy odor that was coming from the filth. I also realized that every time I turned my fan on, that filth was getting into my air and destroying my air quality. No matter how well my air purification system worked, I was making it work harder by not keeping my ceiling fans clean. I was so disgusted that I went through my house and cleaned every ceiling fan. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a job. Instead of complaining about my air quality, I hired a professional to clean the ceiling fans


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