The fireplace is an important part of the HVAC system.

I don’t know if anyone has ever thought about their fireplace as being a part of their HvAC system.

  • I know there are a lot of people who have fireplaces.

Mostly they use it for the romance of the scenery. Have you ever really looked at it as being a major source of heat. Unless you live in an area where you have long, and extreme winters, you probably think I’m crazy. We have a lot of wind and blizzard-like conditions. More often than I choose to admit, we have gone without electricity several days and even as much as two weeks. When the electricity goes out, I am thrilled to know that I have my fireplace to give us heat. I have a fresh stack of wood on my porch, ready to be used. I make sure I always have dry wood close by so I don’t need to go out into the cold and weather. When I have my furnace maintenance done, I know it is time to also have my fireplace maintained. I have a professional fireplace man come in and check out the fire brick, the hearth, and clean the chimney. There is nothing better than knowing my HVAC system is going to run efficiently and safely, when I need it. My fireplace, being a part of the HVAC system, is included in the maintenance, every year. I don’t want my family to ever go without heat, whether or not there is electricity to keep the furnace running. For me it is keeping my family warm and safe, but for you, it may be ambience. You want your fireplace to be working safely.



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