We bought a new home and needed to update an HVAC system.

Once our kids were grown and out of the house, we realized our home was too big for us.

We really wanted to finally be able to build our dream home. We got all of the plans for our home and we were already getting ready to break ground when we talked to a realtor. We wanted to get our current home sold so we could pay for the new home. I have to admit that I was really surprised by what the realtor had to say. Our home was in good condition, but not the HVAC system. We had recently had a new roof put on the house and the landscaping was well taken care of. We knew we needed a new HVAC system, but we hoped the new owners would be willing to put it in. When we found out that the HVAC system could actually stop us from selling the house, I was in shock. They said that most people buying houses, no longer wanted to have to put such an expense into a house after paying for it. We would also be able to get more than double the cost of the HVAC system, as part of our selling price. This piqued my interest and I agreed to have the new HVAC system installed. You have no idea how surprised and pleased I was when our home was on the market for less than a month before it was sold. We got more than four times the amount we had to put into the HVAC system, over what we had originally thought we could get for the house.

Heating technician