Needed a bird room with special HVAC for my animal shop

When I was growing up I had a great dream of owning an animal shop.

I wanted to have a pet store of my own that was situated in a Victorian property on the corner of town. I was thinking that it would be so awesome to have sizable, spacious windows where you could look in as well as see all of the lovely pets that I had for sale. I dreamed of feeding the fish every afternoon. I thought about walking the different dogs up as well as down the street to gather more business for the shop. I dreamt of interacting with the small animals as laughing children looked on. I never actually thought about birds though. It turns out, avian critters are really tough to take care of even in a temperature controlled store setting! Since I finally got my pet shop up as well as operating I realized that indoor air temperature control was going to be a fairly immense problem for any of my bird friends. If you want to have healthy birds you need to have a draftless space for them to hang out. This means you cannot use traditional heating as well as cooling equipment with an HVAC duct system. Normally, I would have used central heating as well as cooling equipment such as my outdated AC unit as well as forced air gas furnace. This heating as well as cooling equipment does just fine for the puppies as well as kittens that you commonly think of. With birds, you certainly need some kind of radiant heating and cooling situation to keep them comfortable as well as avoid drafts. Since I started selling various feathered friends at my shop I had to create a bird room complete with radiant heated flooring as well as geothermal cooling.The heating as well as cooling equipment has been high-priced to professionally install… so I had better be able to sell some of these fancy parrots.



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