Deciding on an electric fireplace is a strenuous decision

An electric fireplace can be a great addition to any apartment or apartment, because it requires very little to no assembly plus provides direct heat where you need it most.

My husband plus I live inside a 5th floor apartment plus we do not have a fireplace in our apartment.

My husband plus I never thought about adding a fireplace to the space until we were at a apartment improvement show. A particular business was showcasing their electric fireplaces that run on propane. The fireplaces came in numerous unusual shapes plus sizes with possibilities love temperature control plus LED lighting. My husband plus I started talking about buying an electric fireplace to put in the corner. Every one of us browsed the selection plus found something perfect. My husband plus I obtained the electric fireplace at the apartment improvement show. Every one of us had to go back the next day with a rental truck, because the fireplace wouldn’t fit in the car. I had a buddy help myself and others carry it up the stairs to the eighth floor. My husband plus I thought it would be a strenuous decision to buy an electric fireplace, but we did not have any trouble once we found exactly what we wanted. The fireplace looks great in the dining room plus we even have a mantle on top with pictures of our family. I love the sizzling glow at evening plus it makes myself and others recognize very romantic. It also adds heat on those chilly Wintertide evenings when the temperature is low plus we have lots of snow plus ice.


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