We are able to get by fine with window cooling machines

I live in a place with extremely long & drastic frosty seasons! We often start up the furnace in early September & rely on it until the end of March.

  • Because of temperatures below zero, we need to keep the residence sealed & stay indoors.

I spend a small fortune on heating bills & make sure to take superb care of the heating machine. I change the air filter every month & hire professional service during the fall. Since even the fall & Springtime seasons are often very cold & wet, it’s rarely possible to open up the windows. I look forward to the warmer weather all the time. I am completely relieved to shut down the heating machine & welcome some fresh air inside. The last thing I want to do is close the windows back up, crank up the central cooling machine & pay for a massive electric bill. My family spends the majority of the hot season outside. We tend to only come back inside at night for dinner & to sleep. We’re able to get by with window A/C machines & box fans. Although having cooling machines in the windows isn’t entirely beautiful, these systems are not too costly & are really convenient. I was able to buy a top-of-the-line window A/C machine for under $200. I can install the unit into the window in less than a couple of minutes. Most new window A/C machines allow programmable operation. I have the units set up to cycle on a little while before we go to bed at night! Despite the small size, these A/C machines are powerful enough to cool the room down within a few minutes. Even during those sizzling & sticky summertime days, we are able to sleep comfortably.

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