We invested in a cabin that we hooked up with a ductless mini split and solar panels

My wife and I invested in this lovely little cabin in a really nice location in the mountains. It’s a bit of a drive to get to the cabin, but we invested in all the right things for this place over the years. We actually first got the place when our children were a little bit older, and they were able to appreciate the place as much as we did. The thing we really love is that the cabin came with a nice fireplace that keeps the whole place toasty in the winter months. Originally, there was no electricity, but we decided to install solar panels and we got an electric stove in there. There is already a wood burning stove, and we left that there because it looks so beautiful. We also decided to have a ductless mini split that works with the solar power to our cabin. The ductless mini split was the ideal option because it’s so energy efficient and we didn’t have to worry about installing ductwork into the cabin. Now we are able to have perfect heating and cooling no matter what time of year it happens to be, and we don’t have to rely on the fireplace for our heating. Of course, we really enjoy using the fireplace. It really is nice having the fireplace because you never know if something bad might happen, like we might not have enough electricity to work our ductless mini split. That can happen when you don’t get enough sunlight from storms or you experience constant cloudy days.


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