I attached a portable A/C unit to my bike

I was always a little jealous of my brother’s car.

I was just a kid when he got his first car and it seemed to have all the bells and whistles.

The thing I thought was the coolest was the climate control system. If it was a blazing hot day, he could adjust the temperature control settings and get the A/C flowing. That was really nice when I would drive around with him sometimes. All I had was my bike and I never had any hope for getting A/C with my bike. Not that it would help much anyways because the A/C would just blow away with the wind. This one day though, I found this strange HVAC looking device at a dumpster. I saw the guy who was throwing these things away and I asked him what it was. He said it was a portable A/C unit but it was trash because it didn’t work. I decided to take it home with me and I thought maybe I could fix it. I opened it up and cleaned it out. I looked at all the inner workings very carefully and I discovered there were some wires that were broken. So I got some replacement wires and replaced the old wires with the new wires. I was so happy when the portable A/C machine worked when I got it charged up. I was showing my brother the A/C unit and he thought it was cool that I was able to get it working. He even helped me to mount the unit on my bike so that I could actually get A/C when riding around on a hot day. People thought it was nuts, but it actually worked great!

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