He was scammed by her HVAC employer

My brother desperately wanted to become an HVAC technician.

He didn’t know that the company he chose to work with, was known as being the worst company to work for.

He was young and he didn’t even realize that the offer they made him was too good to be real. We have several HvAC companies in the area, but only a couple of them that train the men and then get them their certification. The company that he is working with has kept him running around and doing paperwork and taking tests. They even gave him his HVAC certification at the end of the first year. Unfortunately, he found out later that the HVAC certification he had received was bogus. They were paying him less than half of what they paid the other HvAC techs. When he said something about leaving their company and working for another, he had another shock. When the company owner found out, he quickly called the other HVAC companies and told them that he was a lousy HVAC technician and they should not hire him. He got a bum deal with this HvAC company. After losing his job, he also got a 1099 miscellaneous. They had him marked down as being a self-employed worker. This made their bookkeeping easier, but it made his taxes a nightmare. We tried to tell him that if it seemed too good to be true, then it probably was. I’m hoping that he decides to go to HvAC certification school if he decides to pursue this career.

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