My utility bills are rising with all this HVAC use and water use

I have enjoyed the transition into working from home to be honest.

I never thought I would do incredibly well in an environment where I’d basically be forced to stay isolated from comforting coworkers, but I am now doing quite really well with the change. There were a couple of issues at first with staying on my job with my laptop & constant unsupervised internet access. But I’m really happy that it only took about a week for the transition to set in, & now I’m more productive than ever. I get up at the same time every single morning & I have my Starbucks Latte maker all set to go from the evening before. My pet is getting plenty of attention & the drop in gasoline use removes a major financial drain on my budget. Sadly, I cannot say the effects have been positive all around. I am using way more water & electricity while I’m stuck in my residence. Between washing my hands for 20 seconds every 15 to 20 minutes & the extra drain on my electricity from the central Heating & Air Conditioning machine, my expenses on utilities are starting to rise in the worst way. I’m home all through the day & I’m running the cooling machine more than ever before. I have noticed that between 11am & 5pm is when the cooling machine struggles a great deal. It honestly is no surprise that this is the time when the sun is at its highest intensity for the afternoon, & also when most of the residence from front to back is getting bombarded by the sunlight. On top of greater energy use, I also have to buy A/C filters more frequently, & I am always getting repair & service way more often.

Cooling system