Can you take my money?

Don’t you hate the way things are this week? I guess I do! Especially when it comes down to all this computer stuff and cell iphone stuff, and I know I may be showing our age, however it seems no 1 this month wants the option of human touch on anything and they make life so much more complicated than it has to be in the crosshairs. Like the other month I had the local HVAC corporation come to the property to give our central heat and air conditioner proposal an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tune up that was well overdue; When it was done I was expecting to either spend our money by usual credit card or debit card! But no, this heating and cooling specialist said I had to go online and spend our money with some app on a cell iphone. This thing was the most unnecessarily complex and hard thing to use just to spend our money a bill! I mean, was the point in all of that? Why couldn’t this guy just take credit or debit cards just the way they did before? All I guess is I will not be using this HVAC corporation ever in my life after this! There are other heating and cooling companies in the section of the country that have not fallen into this current millennial trap. Those are the traditional HVAC companies that will get our corporation moving forward. It’s not just the local HVAC corporation either. I am starting to notice a lot of businesses that are not located in physical buildings are not giving you the option to spend our money like a normal human being!


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