I was worrying about nothing.

I have a habit of always looking at the negative instead of the positive.

If something can go wrong, I figure I’m the one it is going to happen to.

I wish I could be more like my wife, but I’m not. Without her, I would probably drive myself to extinction. That is exactly what happened when our air conditioning unit broke down. I was already planning on calling the HvAC company to have someone come and show us the new air conditioning units available. My wife asked me what I was doing with the calculator and I told her I was trying to figure out to pay for the new air conditioning unit. She rolled her eyes and walked away from me. I knew she was thinking that I was putting the proverbial cart in front of the horse. I didn’t care what she was thinking, I was just preparing for the worst. The HVAC technician showed up about an hour later. He came in and asked where the air conditioning unit was located. I showed him to it and he went right to work. He didn’t take long before I saw him heading to the van. I thought he was going to leave, but he picked up some parts. He told me that the AC unit doesn’t work well if the fan isn’t working and I was lucky to realize it so soon. He had the fan replaced and my AC started working well again. Maybe I should listen to my wife once in a while. My ulcer wouldn’t be acting up with worrying about the AC unit, right now.

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