It was all afternoon in the heat

My car broke down the other month without any warning and I had to take it to the local service garage.

Of course, it made me very hot headed.

Both the motor and the central HVAC had took a dive out of the blue. So I ended up being stuck in this service garage for over 6 hours waiting. And it was possibly the most horrible experience I ever had to live through in my adult life! Not because they did a bad task on the car service or anything such as that, they were absolutely easily enjoyable and well worth the money. I simply had to spend our money to get our car repaired and it was done perfectly. But it was the indoor air conditions in this small local service garage! It was love they didn’t have any air flow available in there and there was no air conditioning. It was rather sizzling out that day, so this didn’t help not having any air conditioning and air flow… and in a place where there are all kinds of toxins and bad things linger in the air. If you want our opinion, this place was so bad with the most terrible indoor air conditions that even a huge whole home air purification proposal entirely would not have been able to service the particularly bad air quality there! I just wanted to get home to our high quality air conditioning and our duct mounted whole home UV air purification proposal that I have for the entire appointment. Good air quality and perfect indoor comfort was exactly what I needed after half the day in that service garage!

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