The portable AC wasn’t doing it’s job.

I often wondered if a portable AC unit wouldn’t be better than the window air conditioning units that I now used.

My husband and I often tried to figure out cheaper ways to get air conditioning for our home.

I hated not having central air conditioning. When our air conditioning unit quit working, I suddenly realized our energy bills dropped in half. I couldn’t justify putting out the amount of money it would cost to have a new air conditioning unit installed. I couldn’t justify having the added cost of the energy bills just for some comfort for a couple months. We have a very short summer in our area, but it can be very humid. With some humidity control and a window AC unit, or a portable air conditioner, we thought we should still be comfortable. We decided against having a new central air conditioning unit installed. We tried the window air conditioner, but it could only be used in the room we had it installed. The window AC unit was way too cumbersome to move from room to room. We bought a portable air conditioner that was supposed to be highly efficient and quiet. The portable AC unit worked well, but it was far from being quiet. It was so loud when the fan was blowing, that neither my husband nor I were able to sleep. We took the AC unit back to the store. The store gave us a new unit and told us that if this AC unit wasn’t quiet, we could get our money back. The new one worked really well and we slept all night long.